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Ronald Greeley Slide Sets – Overview

ASU Regents Professor Ronald Greeley (1939-2011) was an active planetary geologist for over 40 years, and collected 14,435 35mm slides of his research, including aerial and field photographs of terrestrial analogs of planetary geologic features (mostly volcanic and aeolian features), photos of field experiments, laboratory simulations of wind erosion and deposition, impact cratering, and volcanic eruptions, as well as photos of graphs, sketch maps, geologic maps, planetary images and mosaics from the Lunar Orbiter, Apollo (Moon), Mariner 9 (Mars), Mariner 10 (Mercury), Viking (Mars), Pioneer-Venus, Voyager (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and their moons), Magellan (Venus), and Galileo (Jupiter system) missions, and science research results text slides from many projects. For a complete inventory of the Greeley Slide Collection, please see these PDFs:
Greeley Slide Collection RGCPS Set 1
– 323 slide sheets; 5474 slides
Greeley Slide Collection RGCPS Set 2
– 273 slide sheets; 4228 slides
Greeley Slide Collection RGCPS Set 3
– 311 slide sheets; 4733 slides

Total number of slide sheets: 907. Total number of slides: 14,435.

As we can afford to scan these data sets, we will post them here.

At the request of the NASA History Office, we have scanned and posted the following four historic data sets:

1) Pioneer 11 flyby of Saturn (1979): link
2) Future Planetary Mission Concepts (1977-2003): link – in progress
3) Russian Venera 15 and 16 Radar Mosaics of Venus (1983): link – in progress
4) NASA JPL Marsakhod Rover Field Test at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii (1995): link – in progress