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Ruesch, O., L. C. Quick, M. Landis, M. Sori, O. Čadek, P. Brož, K. Otto, M. T. Bland, S. Byrne, J. C. Castillo-Rogez, H. Hiesinger, R. Jaumann, K. Krohn, L. A. McFadden, A. Nathues, A. Neesemann, F. Preusker, T. Roatsch, P. M. Schenk, J. Scully, M.V. Sykes, D.A. Williams, C. A. Raymond and C. T. Russell, 2018. Bright carbonate surfaces on Ceres as remnants of salt-rich water fountains, Icarus, corrected proof published online,


Bland, M.T., A. Ermakov, C.A. Raymond, D.A. Williams, T. Bowling, F. Preusker, R. Park, S. Marchi, J. Castillo-Rogez, C.T. Russell, 2018. Morphological indicators of a mascon beneath Ceres’ largest crater, Kerwan, Geophys. Res. Lett., 45, 1297-1304,